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Trade Customer

17 Oct 2015| Automotive Industry

When a Trade customer sent in some engineering drawings we quoted as accurately as we could, somewhat bemused by some of the requests; 4mm hole in backing, 30mm web...

The order was won and we produced the customer's labels, but before long issues were being encountered by their end user. We had produced to specifications supplied and came to realise our customer was a little out of his depth.

To resolve the issue we suggested contacting the end user for him. A call to our customer, some wizardry with their switchboard and suddenly the end user was talking directly to us! Within seconds the fault was found and suggestions were offered. After a small sample run the labels were approved and orders followed. Our original customer's drawing office had massively over specified the labels and as it turned out, no "holes to backing" were needed, just a slightly wider web / backing and all was well!


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Trade Customer

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