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What needs to be on a food label

29 Aug 2017| Secura News

Any UK food manufacturer worth its salt will know that there is a long list of required information for food labelling, but if you need a refresher, here is a quick guide to what you need and why you need it if you’re in the food industry!


Must haves:

Name of the food - A little obvious and if you don’t have this then you may need to consider hiring yourself a marketing consultant.

‘Best Before’ or ‘Use By’ Date – This doesn’t have to be on the label, but definitely somewhere on the packaging of the product. If it’s somewhere obscure when it’s worth mentioning on the label where to find this information.

Warnings – If your food contains certain ingredients then there is a whole list of warnings you have to comply with, good luck with that.

List of ingredients – If there is more than one. If there is only one ingredient, such as an apple, you don’t have to list ‘apple’ in the ingredients. Fingers crossed that your ‘name of food’ will give that away.

Name and address of Manufacturer/Packer/Seller – Mostly so customers can hunt you down and complain should they not be 100% satisfied with your product.

Country of Origin – This can just depend on the type of food and how misleading your packaging is – it’s a minefield, however you can find a whole 26 page PDF on Origin labelling here if you’re really bored.

Lot number – This can come in handy if something disastrous happens with that particular lot, then you can just re-call the lot rather than every single product you’ve ever made.

Special storage conditions – Now, I know that ice cream goes in the freezer, and you know that ice cream goes in the freezer, but once someone did not know that ice cream goes in the freezer and complained that this wasn’t explained on the label – ergo, tell people where to store that product!

Cooking instructions – People need to know how hot and how long. Not to be confused with eating instructions. Don’t tell people how to eat their apple.


On top of all this there is also quantity labelling to take into consideration (requirements changed back in 2014), as well as Weights and volumes, durability and using the emark. All of which we’d delve into, but then we’d be here all day.

It’s a lot of information to get onto a label, while also trying to make it eye catching, have your brand stand out, and don’t forget the barcode!

Luckily for you, labels are our speciality. We have to trust that you have provided the correct compliance but we can change the artwork if needed, propose different sizes and colours – but most importantly, we can make the labels! If you need any extra help then we’re more than happy to throw it in. Give us a call today on 01530 515 170 or drop us an e-mail at Sales@securalabels.co.uk and let us know your label requirements!


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