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Little and Large

03 Dec 2013| Automotive Industry

Not the comedy duo, but the variance in the size of our orders, especially for October.

We have recently been using Ebay to "move" on some old stock / "over" runs and this is going ok..... and better than sending such product to landfill..... but some of the prices we are getting don't really cover the material costs! ... at least we don`t need to produce a full blown works order, delivery note, invoice... all of which have a cost. Small runs / orders and not a problem for us, Hot Foil, the more traditional route for a short run job, is still a busy area for us, our Thermal Transfer Bureau is also always in demand, and of course the "Digital" option is getting more popular.

On the other hand we have seen some very large orders in, regular repeating jobs, one will be 14 pallets when done, and new jobs. A new job for a customer re-branding, is not only a massive job in terms of paper, but the plate costs would buy you a nice second hand car!

Another, a multi million label order, over several sorts packed and ready to send to 639 different addresses.... all printed and ready to go in under 4 days!

So, from 50 labels to millions and everything in between, you can trust us at Secura to supply all of your label requirements.


Little and Large

Not the comedy duo, but the variance in the size of our o…
Automotive Industry | 03 Dec 2013


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