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Label of the Month!

29 Nov 2017| Secura News

Now, strictly speaking we don't actually have a 'Label of the Month' over here at Secura. That is mostly due to the fact we make so many fantastic new labels every month it would be highly impossible to pick just one. On average we open about 8-10 new accounts every month, this along side of our hundreds of current clients, all bringing in new and wonderful designs and requests every week - it would be very hard to play favourites!

However - last month we had a new potential client contact us who needed labels for his home made apple juice range. He sent in some samples of labels he'd had in the past but wanted bigger and better! So our sales team discussed with the client exactly what they wanted and we sent the artwork off to our design department to see what could be done. After a change of design and some extra tweaks we had something that the client was delighted with, so we passed it over to production to get started - and the finished product was one fine looking label! 

This label is made out of polypropylene material with an over laminate - perfect for a label going on bottles or containers with liquid! If you're looking for something similar then drop us an e-mail at sales@securalabels.co.uk and who knows, maybe you could be Label of the Month next time ;)


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